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We think he’s dying . . .

“I think it may be dying.” That’s what my neighbor said last summer. This year there was no doubt. Pine needles fell in clumps, and those that clung to skeletal branches were orange, the color of the setting sun. So he called in the professionals. “Had to,” he said. It’s no wonder he did; the tree… Read more »

A One Way Ticket Home

I bought a one-way ticket because I did not know how long I would be needed. A couple of weeks? Three? Could I leave and come back? My siblings who live closer and who had been caring for him needed a break to take care of their own families and business. And I wanted to… Read more »

Fat Tuesday to Friday of Sorrows

This year, Christians of Western and Greek Orthodoxy will celebrate Easter on April 20, 2014, and that won’t happen again until April 16, 2017. The reason they don’t always fall on the same date is that one uses the Gregorian calendar, while the latter follows the Julian calendar. Regarding preparation for Easter, western Christians partake in… Read more »