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Lake Mead Shows Its Spirit

St. Thomas, Nevada The little drowned town is showing its bones. Sunbleached stairwells leading to nothing, a school foundation without the school… What happened here? Early Mormon settlers, thinking they were in Utah, farmed the St. Thomas area, a rich land watered by the Muddy River, which flowed into the Virgin River near its confluence… Read more »

The Prince of Letters

What do William Faulkner and Don Quixote have in common? Let’s just say it is something “… as secret as the grave” (Book IV, Chapter 62) now come to light. Spain’s master of the modern novel, Miguel de Cervantes was one of Faulkner’s favorite authors; apparently true since he claimed to have read The Ingenious Gentleman Don… Read more »

When is it Okay to Take a Cat to Church?

A long time ago I heard a sermon which told of a woman who was filled with despair. Week after week she came to church , sat in the same seat, listened to the preacher, and left without having her sadness addressed. She felt so alone! Then one day, someone left the front door open… Read more »

Knowing Death May Come

They Go Anyway Madrid, Spain, the stylish, hip, multicultural capital city, has captured my attention, so I swooped up the September 2014 issue of Architectural Digest to drink in the stunning photographs from the article “Maximum Madrid” and satisfy my hankering for exotic art I could enjoy in my living room. Little did I know… Read more »