When is it Okay to Take a Cat to Church?

A long time ago I heard a sermon which told of a woman who was filled with despair. Week after week she came to church , sat in the same seat, listened to the preacher, and left without having her sadness addressed. She felt so alone!

Then one day, someone left the front door open during the service, and a dog came inside.

He wagged his tail and moved from pew to pew, and if anyone has ever wondered if a dog could smile, this one’s sweet face proved that they can and they do!

The preacher talked to the dog, and the congregation talked to the dog, even God talked to the dog since the animal was very good and did not leave his mark on anyone’s pant leg.

The woman, however, grew indignant. She stood up and said, “I have been coming to this church for years and no one has paid me any attention. This dog comes in and no one can stop giving him attention.” She pushed her way through to the back of the church, but before she could step outside, someone took her by the arm and said, “We gave that little doggie affection because he wouldn’t stop asking for it. Perhaps you asked simply by showing up. Please forgive us. We judged your quietness as a preference for isolation. But as God’s word says, ‘It is not good for man to be alone.'”

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St. Anthony the Abbot is the patron saint of animals, and the yearly “Benediction of Beasts” is celebrated on January 17, the day on which animals are blessed in his name.

A few facts about St. Anthony (Antonius):

  • ♦  Born around 250 AD, he withdrew from society and lived in a cave.
  • ♦  Religious persecution was rampant, and he was abducted but not harmed.
  • ♦  After his release, he retired to the desert yet still found occasion to preach.
  • ♦  It is said that Satan’s minions thrashed St. Anthony as they transformed into rabid animals.
  • ♦  He was called on often to pray against illness in both people and animals.
  • ♦  Strangely, “The researches of French antiquaries have brought to light the records of ninety-two processes against animals, tried in their courts from 1120 to 1740, when the last trial and execution, that of a cow, took place.” (for more information, CLICK HERE)

While searching for other bloggers who have highlighted this saint, I came across one I like by Tracy Ariza. I don’t know her, but her blog is informative and fun. I hope you pay her a visit.

It is quite apparent that a man who lived over one-thousand-seven-hundred-sixty-five years ago is still affecting contemporary activities. Now that’s what I call “Linking Yesterday to Today.”







2 Responses to “When is it Okay to Take a Cat to Church?”

  1. Tracy

    Hi Amy,
    I’m very happy to have come across your blog and loved your story.
    Thanks for linking to me!
    Yes, here in Spain it’s a pretty big deal. The streets were full of people bringing all sorts of animals to be blessed. We had quite a wait in line, but I love bringing our animals so I can see all of the others. We keep joking about bringing our 4 hens next year, but that probably won’t happen. 🙂

    • Amy Nowak

      Tracy, Your blog is so full of good things, it is on my list of pleasant places to visit on a regular basis! Never stop!


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