Finding Grace

Rescued Nun

Amazing Grace

I Once was Lost

Near my home, in the cool of the morning, you may see a bear eating chokecherries, or a spotted fawn frolicking through the woods. There are mountain lions here, rattlesnakes, foxes and bobcats, and I have come across them all. But of these wild critters, bears are the most troublesome since they love to eat garbage. For this reason (cleaning up moldy apple cores and dirty tissues is really gross) I take my garbage to the dump. Once a week–which is enough. And I never worry about missing the truck.

But Now I’m Found

Today I backed my car up to the dump’s transfer bin and went to open my car hatch when something on the ground caught my eye; a doll, face down, prostrate, poor soul–doomed to die before her time. Except ….

I brought her home and threw her in the washing machine, and now her sole is clean (not a typo–she had a dirty foot). She is rescued to live another day, so I have named her Amazing Grace.

‘Twas Grace that Taught My Heart to Fear

Grace is invaluable to those willing to receive as it offers compassion to the fallen and encouragement to the weak. It is a prayer, an embellishment, a tenderhearted incentive to improve. But whether it is carnal, as in a supposed life style improvement brought on by riches (think conquistadors seeking gold), intellectual (newsflash, the world is not flat, yet somebody had to sail over the horizon to prove it), or spiritual (a meaningful relationship with God takes time, study, reflection, faith), improvement often requires risk, and risk can be scary.

And Grace My Fears Relieved

Recently, I was in Hatch, NM for the Hatch Chile Festival (a topic tasty enough for its own post). The reason I bring it up is that when I was there, I experienced fear, for I found myself at the pepper tasting table.

How hot can a chile be? Hot enough to make you fear its potential to bore through your tongue, erode the enamel on your teeth, and remind you of its fury all over again when it’s time to visit the transfer bin in your bathroom. In the end, having conquered hot chiles (sun rays submersed inside a terrestrial flesh) and experiencing their pleasant lippy burn, one is tempted for good reason to eat them again.


How Precious did that Grace Appear

For all the gastronomic giddiness I get when eating chiles, I am eternally grateful to the humid soils of South America from whence they came. And in solemn benediction I am reminded that grace invites a grateful heart.

Thank you God for …

*  Capsicum (peppers), which are native to the Americas, having been “discovered” by Christopher Columbus

*  Showing me (did you place her there?) the nun doll today (a day when I learned my father has cancer–mesothelioma) because Amazing Grace reminds me … of what?

When I am overwhelmed, I need all that grace can offer.

And Grace Will Lead Me Home

This one is for you Dad. Because you are amazing.





2 Responses to “Finding Grace”

  1. Jevan

    This one may be my favorite of your blog posts thus far. Don’t try eating a ghost pepper~.

    • Amy Nowak

      Actually, Jevan, while at a booth in Hatch, NM, a customer asked for ghost peppers. The owner said his shipment from India did not come in time for the festival, so I’m good.


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