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Praying for Springtime

Yesterday afternoon I received a wonderful gift: in my courtyard came a robin … in February! Although it is still winter, the robin’s song gave me hope for longer days, warmer weather, budding trees, and the sweet smell of spring. As I listened to the lilt, I was reminded of another springtime when I traveled… Read more »

Halo Shapes and Meanings

Who do you know that walks around with a halo over their head? Be honest … is it you? Well, once in my life—long, long ago—it really was me. Rather, I dressed up as an angel. My sister Sharon made me a flowing gown out of old drapes, and as she stitched, her fingers itched,… Read more »

The Key to Naming Sixty Saintly Cities

What do Florida, Texas, California, and New Mexico have in common? Spaniards looking for spices, riches, and slaves conquered these places sometime around the fifteenth century. Evidence of who subjugated  the land remains today in local directories and on maps. A Holy Tradition Franciscans and Spanish soldiers often named New World missions and provinces after… Read more »