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Consecrated Virgins in Vogue

Vogue. Not the magazine, but vogue as in something popular, and in this case … hidden. Ancient, yet new. Once upon a time, a few hundred centuries ago, women who did not want or could not join a Roman Catholic religious order (think nun) had another option. They could become consecrated virgins. I’ll explain in… Read more »

Forty Ways to Be Guilt Free

Mardi Gras, a day of covetous activity before the temperance of Lent. But I do not have an overindulgent personality, nor am I a drinker of too much wine, so on this day of grabbing for the gusto, I felt pretty good about myself … until I opened my exploding closet. It seems I partake in gluttony of another sort…. Read more »

Praying for Springtime

Yesterday afternoon I received a wonderful gift: in my courtyard came a robin … in February! Although it is still winter, the robin’s song gave me hope for longer days, warmer weather, budding trees, and the sweet smell of spring. As I listened to the lilt, I was reminded of another springtime when I traveled… Read more »

Light a Candle for Me

I came as a tourist. The small chapel that sits on the west side of Mission San Xavier (pronounced San ha-vee-air) del Bac, or as it is affectionately known, the White Dove of the Desert in Tucson, Arizona, is open to the faithful and the curious. I hail from both persuasions. As I think about… Read more »