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We think he’s dying . . .

“I think it may be dying.” That’s what my neighbor said last summer. This year there was no doubt. Pine needles fell in clumps, and those that clung to skeletal branches were orange, the color of the setting sun. So he called in the professionals. “Had to,” he said. It’s no wonder he did; the tree… Read more »

God is My Help — Socorro

Late last year I had the good fortune of visiting the Bosque del Apache National Wildlife Refuge. Standing on a bridge overlooking the cottonwood and willow lined river, I visualized prehistoric hunters whose discovered stone tools were probably used to hunt bison … and mammoth! Nearby, petroglyphs abound that tell mysterious stories of ancient peoples…. Read more »

If These Walls Could Speak

While visiting any Mission ruin, I have to inspect the walls. The bricks, commonly known as adobe, are made from mud and fibrous organic matter that, if left unprotected, tend to melt back into the earth. Any surface ornamentation of plaster and paint on the walls is usually the first to go. But where faded… Read more »

Memories Affect Time Travel

“And one especially do we affect of two gold ingots like in each respect…” 16th Century, Christopher Marlow An earlier post, Song of the Conquistador, mentioned my interest in time travel, so it’s not surprising that I delight in the power of scrapbooks; each time I see a photograph, I am transported to the past–a… Read more »