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Franciscan Grapes for Authentic Wine

Last year I hiked the Montezuma Pass in Coronado National Memorial. At the ridge, I stood in awe as I beheld the vast landscape with golden vegetation that glittered in the sun; or maybe I had heat stroke. Still, it was a treat to imagine Francisco Vázquez de Coronado leading the expedition to find Cíbola,… Read more »

The Turkey Travelogue

There are wild turkeys in my backyard. They come down from their mountain roost and often appear in autumn. Guess no one told them about their being the traditional holiday menu centerpiece. I have counted as many as seventeen at one time gobble-gobbling, scratching the ground, and leaving their fertilizer where nobody wants it. But… Read more »

Why I Cut My Husband’s Hair

For longer than I can remember, I am the one who cuts my husband’s hair. This is not because I am trained (you should see the dolls I have stored away that were victims of my earliest cosmetologist adventures), but he doesn’t seem to mind an occasionally bad hair day. Or week. Or however long… Read more »

When Will the World End?

Ever heard of Joachim of Fiore? This Twelfth Century Italian theologian came up with a dispensation theory, or a distribution of world history, that fell into three periods–each one associated with a person of the Christian Trinity. 1) The time of God the Father was all time before the arrival of Jesus Christ, 2) the… Read more »