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Today I Ate Kañiwa

I grew up in the era of TV dinners and rice that cooked in a minute. Literally. This fare deadened my taste buds for years, so when I discovered how inexpensive and easy it is to prepare food in its natural form, I went gung-ho. Today, my pantry is stocked with dried pinto beans, garbanzos,… Read more »

God is My Help — Socorro

Late last year I had the good fortune of visiting the Bosque del Apache National Wildlife Refuge. Standing on a bridge overlooking the cottonwood and willow lined river, I visualized prehistoric hunters whose discovered stone tools were probably used to hunt bison … and mammoth! Nearby, petroglyphs abound that tell mysterious stories of ancient peoples…. Read more »

Potatoes in My Pantry

What do you eat for breakfast? Cereal? Eggs? Cold mac and cheese tossed into the air while your open mouth awaits? This morning, I made potato pancakes. On a hot griddle, I ladled thick batter of grated potatoes, onions, and egg into creamy, buttery pools and waited for the steam to rise. Flip, crisp, plate,… Read more »

It Really is Carved in Stone

Have you ever carved your name into a tree, a rock, a sandy shore at the beach? Seems the need to be remembered, or at least make our mark, is universal. And why not? You are one person among over seven-billion currently on planet earth. You are unique. To coin a well-intentioned phrase, you are… Read more »