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Halo Shapes and Meanings

Who do you know that walks around with a halo over their head? Be honest … is it you? Well, once in my life—long, long ago—it really was me. Rather, I dressed up as an angel. My sister Sharon made me a flowing gown out of old drapes, and as she stitched, her fingers itched,… Read more »

When is it Okay to Take a Cat to Church?

A long time ago I heard a sermon which told of a woman who was filled with despair. Week after week she came to church , sat in the same seat, listened to the preacher, and left without having her sadness addressed. She felt so alone! Then one day, someone left the front door open… Read more »

Grime and Astringent

First things first. This post is clean. Second, I write it because my friend Debbie Wilson said I should clean my cleaning supply closet. She offers very good advice, so I usually do what she says. Usually. Funny what a mess I found: almost empty bottles of expired solutions, squirt pumps that would not squirt,… Read more »

God is My Help — Socorro

Late last year I had the good fortune of visiting the Bosque del Apache National Wildlife Refuge. Standing on a bridge overlooking the cottonwood and willow lined river, I visualized prehistoric hunters whose discovered stone tools were probably used to hunt bison … and mammoth! Nearby, petroglyphs abound that tell mysterious stories of ancient peoples…. Read more »

How to Get in Shape

Take a walk of about twenty-five hundred miles— and never leave your seat. That’s what I did when I read the eye-witness account of the 1540 expedition led by Francisco Vásquez de Coronado, written a mere twenty-some years after the event. The Pedro de Castañeda de Nájera Narrative of the Coronado Expedition may have been… Read more »

I’ve Got You Covered

During a recent visit to the Toledo Museum of Art (Toledo, Ohio—not Spain), I spent most of my time in the wing that houses Renaissance art, and, surprisingly, I did not find a portrait of any woman not wearing some sort of headpiece. So I wondered, when did the custom of wearing head coverings begin?… Read more »

The Sign of the Cross

Cecil B. DeMille’s epic movie, The Sign of the Cross, takes place during the time of Emperor Nero. In one famous scene, Claudette Colbert bathes in milk, and although the director claimed it was actual milk from a jennet (female mule), the truth is more homogenized; she bathed in powdered milk. The plot emphasizes the… Read more »

Gone Girl All September Long

Traveling … for education, and mixing it all up with a little fun has rejuvenated my spirit, yet I must admit it took almost an entire month! My itinerary began during the waning days of August with a visit to Hatch, NM for the Chile Festival, an annual Labor Day weekend fun fest. While driving… Read more »

Slugs and Snails and Puppy Dog Tails

What are Little Girls Made Of? She walks home after school, same as she does every day—takes the same route, knows all the uneven edges on the sidewalk, and sometimes skips, trying to take two sidewalk sections at once. But rarely does she make it past a single section before landing on the crack. She… Read more »

Tomato History is a Blast

TNT is the yellow chemical compound trinitrotoluene commonly used for explosives, but in this post, I’m not talking detonation as much as transportation, although I must admit, a fresh mozzarella, balsamic vinegar, and tomato salad—with a generous sprinkling of newly harvested, minty-peppery basil—can certainly blow me away. Transoceanic Transplantation Imagine a world without ketchup. Or… Read more »