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Finding Grace

I Once was Lost Near my home, in the cool of the morning, you may see a bear eating chokecherries, or a spotted fawn frolicking through the woods. There are mountain lions here, rattlesnakes, foxes and bobcats, and I have come across them all. But of these wild critters, bears are the most troublesome since… Read more »

Tomato History is a Blast

TNT is the yellow chemical compound trinitrotoluene commonly used for explosives, but in this post, I’m not talking detonation as much as transportation, although I must admit, a fresh mozzarella, balsamic vinegar, and tomato salad—with a generous sprinkling of newly harvested, minty-peppery basil—can certainly blow me away. Transoceanic Transplantation Imagine a world without ketchup. Or… Read more »

The Grain Exchange

Give and Take I do this every day of my life. I give my time, my energy, my skills, my concerns, my knowledge . . . but not every action has sacrificial merit, for I would gladly take these things, and more, from anyone who is willing to give. Give and take is the stuff… Read more »

Potatoes in My Pantry

What do you eat for breakfast? Cereal? Eggs? Cold mac and cheese tossed into the air while your open mouth awaits? This morning, I made potato pancakes. On a hot griddle, I ladled thick batter of grated potatoes, onions, and egg into creamy, buttery pools and waited for the steam to rise. Flip, crisp, plate,… Read more »

The Origin of Hot Chocolate

Xocolatl (pronounced sho-koh-lah-tuhl) is the Nahuatl (Aztec) word many connoisseurs use for chocolate, but it actually means “bitter water.” The first drink produced from the cacao tree was not hot chocolate. Anthropologists from the University of Pennsylvania analyzed ancient pottery from Honduras and found residue of an alcoholic beverage fermented from the pulp of the… Read more »

Friends that did Something Good

Von and Michelle Limbaugh are the kind of friends everybody wishes they had. He’s smart, friendly, conscientious, and a man of integrity. His wife Michelle has the same qualities, but I’m biased. She is a lot of fun. Recently, we had the pleasure of having them over for dinner. Naturally, I served all kinds of… Read more »

First Barbequed Corn

Let’s get a little corny and a little wild, the operative word being wild. In your lifetime, you may have enjoyed a serving of wild rice with your dinner, but have you ever eaten wild corn? Imagine sitting down at a family barbeque because you’ve been told there will be grilled wild corn on the cob…. Read more »

The Romance of Vanilla

Vanilla pod with flower

Who hasn’t eaten vanilla ice-cream, vanilla cake, or smelled the comforting fragrance of vanilla candles? The creamy flavor and homey scent evokes many happy memories. But vanilla was not known to most of the world until after the year 1519 and a meeting with the Aztecs. Spanish conquistador Hernán Cortéz landed in what is now… Read more »