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Seven Cities of Gold … Pottery

The Aztecs called gold teocuitlatl (teh-oh-KWEE-tlah-tl), or excrement of the gods. My guess is, that name fits, and probably for the same reasons you might surmise. I’ll wait for your comment to find out. The most beautiful artisan application I have personally seen are the gold shoes discovered in King Tut’s tomb. Gold has many… Read more »

Fat Tuesday to Friday of Sorrows

This year, Christians of Western and Greek Orthodoxy will celebrate Easter on April 20, 2014, and that won’t happen again until April 16, 2017. The reason they don’t always fall on the same date is that one uses the Gregorian calendar, while the latter follows the Julian calendar. Regarding preparation for Easter, western Christians partake in… Read more »

It Really is Carved in Stone

Have you ever carved your name into a tree, a rock, a sandy shore at the beach? Seems the need to be remembered, or at least make our mark, is universal. And why not? You are one person among over seven-billion currently on planet earth. You are unique. To coin a well-intentioned phrase, you are… Read more »

Memories Affect Time Travel

“And one especially do we affect of two gold ingots like in each respect…” 16th Century, Christopher Marlow An earlier post, Song of the Conquistador, mentioned my interest in time travel, so it’s not surprising that I delight in the power of scrapbooks; each time I see a photograph, I am transported to the past–a… Read more »

Propane: Can’t Heat With It, Can’t Heat Without It

Did Debbie Dogskin of Fort Yates, ND freeze to death? My deepest sympathies go out to her family, especially her mom. A mother never forgets the death of one of her children. Especially if death could have been prevented. It’s easy to think there’s nothing anyone can do to help the approximately 5,000 residents who… Read more »

A Cairn Spanish Trail Marker?

On the east side of I-25 from Denver to Colorado Springs, high atop a mesa called Rattlesnake Butte in Douglas County, something protrudes. And I wonder, is it an old Spanish trail marker? What appears to be a pile of rocks is hard to discern from the road below. The butte is fenced off, private… Read more »

American Indian Tribes Receive Grant

When considering where in the USA to take your next vacation, it would be worthwhile to visit the National Register of Historic Places. Here you will find a list of places deemed invaluable to our nations history. My personal interest in Early Explorers, Human Rights, and Westward Expansion are accessed from the tab, Find A Park,… Read more »